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(11 x 17.5cm)


I started making these drawings to keep me occupied during chemotherapy and found them so much fun, I decided to keep it going!


Made with black archival ink on Fabriano paper, these drawings are each unique and selected at random for you.

If you'd prefer to know what you're buying, follow me on Instagram for regular drawing updates.

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I'm a professional cartoonist for British publications including New Statesman and Literary Review, and I will make a cartoon for you from scratch!


Just tell me what you'd like it to be about or who it is for and I will create an original A4 cartoon just for you! All cartoons are hand-drawn in archival ink and colour on acid-free paper.

e.g. Dan is a big fan of the beach.

He and his friends have a private catchphrase: "Do me a favour!"

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