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Selected exhibitions and performances



'The Surround X SeenThrough,' Averard Hotel, London

'An Evening With Alex Brenchley, Paul Haworth and David G. Lees,' Oak and Pastor, London

Writer-in-residence, The Koppel Project, London

'5 Minutes,' (performance) The Koppel Project, London

'Duets with Strangers,' (performance) Tempting Failure Festival, London

'Summer Lite,' Averard Hotel, London

'Wendleswurth II,' Turf Projects, Croydon 'Reeves Corner Poster,' Fungus Press commission, London 'Cabaret Futura,' (performance) Art Car Boot Fair, London

'Artists Behind Bars,' Art Car Boot Fair, London

Charity Performance for 'Medicins Sans Frontiers,' Guest Projects, London
'North-South Divide,' radio show, Resonance 104.4fm


“Art in restaurants is on the same level as food in museums” – Niles Crane, Turf Projects, Croydon
'UNPERFORMING - Panacea,' 43 Inverness Street, London
'STOP BUGGING ME - ALL THINGS POTATO,' (performance) Tintype Gallery, London
'Poverty Failure Rejection,' (performance) Millington Marriott, London

'Austerity,' (performance) Auto Italia, London
'Alex,' (solo exhibition) Rope, Baltimore, USA
'Ghost stories,' Exit Strategies book launch, (performance) Work Gallery, London
'Kitty Finer and Friends,' (performance) Horse Hospital, London


'It's All Yours,' (performance) Friday Late, Victoria and Albert Museum
'Kitty Finer and Friends,' (performance) Horse Hospital, London
'Town Crier,' (solo exhibition) Maresfield Gardens, London
'Poverty, Failure, Rejection,' (performance) Victoria and Albert Museum, London
'Freshly Scratched,' (performance) Battersea Arts Centre, London
'Another Night at The Horse Hospital,' (performance) Horse Hospital, London
'Horse Hospital Radio,' (performance) Horse Hospital, London


'Sunday Salon,' Oakley Road Project Space, London
'Nuts in May,' Golden Lane Estate, Community Hall, London
'Comica Comiket,' Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London
'An Evening with Alex Brenchley and Paul Haworth featuring David G. Lees,' The Bear Freehouse, London
'An Evening with Alex Brenchley and Paul Haworth featuring David G. Lees,' King's Bench Gallery, London
'Putt Putt,' Turf Projects, Exchange Square, Croydon
'Bow Arts Open Studios' (performance), Bow Arts, London


'Club Tennis,' King's Bench Gallery, London
'A Trusted Friend,' Carlos|Ishikawa, London
'The Perfect Nude,' Charlie Smith Gallery, London
'Boeing Way to Gas Street,' Departure Foundation, Birmingham
'Microcosm,' Departure Foundation, Leeds Valley Park, Leeds
'Conkers,' 12 Star Gallery, European Parliament House, London


'Christmas Open', King's Bench Gallery, London
'Lembit Opik' (performance), George Orwell Tavern, London
'OK, Now The Floor Is Larva,' Arnold Circus, London
'Rhizomatic,' Departure Gallery, London


'Paintingsculptureland' (performance), Crisp Gallery, London
'Paul Haworth' Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Amsterdam
'Two's a Pair,' Late Night Friday Events, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
'Irregular Wasps' (performance), TinType Gallery, London
'Ruskin Shorts,' Oxford Playhouse, Oxford
'220,' Farmer's Road, London
'Contemporary Art Fundraising Raffle,' Limehouse Boxing Club, London
'Ron Arad; Restless, Events,' The Barbican Centre, London
'Wallis Dies and Goes to Paradise,' Paradise Row Gallery, London


'The Fleet Rises,' Departure Gallery, London
'Silk Handkerchiefs,' Book Launch (performance), Donlon Bookshop, London
'All Back To Mine,' TinType Gallery, London
'Play,' presented by Paradise Row Gallery and Prakke Contemporary, London
‘Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down,’ Noah and the Whale album launch, The Roundhouse, London


‘Trouble and Snowcone,’ Camden People’s Theatre, London
‘Making Mistakes,’ The Wallis Gallery, London
‘Viktor and Rolf’ Events (performance), The Barbican Centre, London
‘End of Year,’ Prince’s Drawing School, London


'A Shady Outpost,’ APT Gallery, London


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